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vi (following sleep etc) → sich strecken; (= be elastic) → sich dehnen, dehnbar sein; (= prolong: time, place, authority, affect) → sich erstrecken (→ to bis, above über +acc); (= be adequate: foods, cash, content) → reichen (to fileür); (= become looser) → weiter werden; (= turn out to be more time) → länger werden; the rope received’t stretch to that write-up → das Seil reicht nicht bis zu dem Pfosten (hinüber); to stretch to succeed in anything → sich recken, um etw zu erreichen; he stretched across and touched her cheek → er reichte herüber und berührte ihre Wange; to stretch again to → zurückreichen bis; the fields stretched absent into the gap → die Felder dehnten sich bis in die Ferne aus; the a long time stretched (out) in advance of him → die Jahre dehnten sich vor ihm aus; a life of misery stretched (out) ahead of her → vor ihr breitete sich ein Leben voll Kummer und Leid aus; the protests stretched into their next week → die Proteste dauerten bereits die zweite Woche an; I'm able to’t stretch to that → so viel kann ich mir nicht erlauben; our resources won’t stretch to that → das lassen unsere Finanzen nicht zu

Normally maintain a straight back when stretching your hamstrings. Any time that you are curving your again You're not stretching your hamstring. A curved again implies that your spine is unprotected, so you are at an excellent possibility to hurt a muscle or disc inside the decrease again.

Stretching a muscle to the entire extent within your means and holding it for 15 to 30 seconds is exactly what's called a static stretch, and there is no damage in stretching like that as very long you don't stretch till it hurts.

horse racing the section or sections of the racecourse which are straight, esp the final straight section bringing about the finishing line

Not simply is it a ladder but it is a Instrument for stretching each individual A part of Your entire body. The ladder was deliberately made With all the top rated rung at 30in. for dancers. Make use of the rungs to be a barre to stretch your leg retains and tilts.

Of course, however it is sensible to perform a heat up just before, even if It can be just operating to the location for 2 minutes. This will help you stay clear of injury as your muscles are warm.

Selection: With Reserve, With Poster Be sure to begin to see the maker's warranty for terms and conditions that are incorporated Along with the products or is usually seen on the manufacturer's Web site.

Baseball. a brief windup, ordinarily used to hold base runners from using way too extensive a guide, in which the pitcher starts the pitching movement with palms alongside one another at the waist, raises them to or earlier mentioned The pinnacle, provides them back again to your midsection, and, after a momentary pause, delivers the ball.

transfer - website go so as to alter situation, conduct a nontranslational movement; "He moved his hand a little to the ideal"

Many people usually do not stretch Because It is really really hard to start on account of not with the ability to reach an proper placement and because It can be just not at ease. Adaptability Teaching is an important element of a well balanced training regimen and incorporating stretching exercise routines with your education can help with balance, agility, range of movement, coordination, harm avoidance and In general athletic effectiveness.

lengthy - largely spatial perception; of relatively excellent or larger than ordinary spatial extension or extension as specified; "a long highway"; "an extended distance"; "contained several prolonged terms"; "ten miles extended"

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two. To result in some thing to lengthen, expand, or distend. A noun or pronoun may be used amongst "stretch" and "out." Quit pulling about the sleeves like that, or you are going to stretch them out! They then stretch the fabric out above large racks making sure that it may dry in the sunshine.

In a luxurious location, our clients start off their rehabilitation from the 92-degree, heated salt-water pool exactly where they're able to execute movements probable only during the buoyancy of drinking water.

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